Damage Policy

Upon Arrival of Equipment (at Customer’s Shipping Address)

Rent A PC reserves the right to repair or replace the damaged equipment at its sole discretion. If Rent A PC determines that repair is impractical, you will be furnished substitute unit of the same or similar kind.

Your order will be delivered to your shipping address and it is customer’s duty to report any damaged equipment within 48 hours of receiving shipment.

Due to shipping and delivery company policies all damage claims WILL BE DENIED if the customer do not notate on the delivery receipt that the boxes are damaged at the time of delivery.

IMPORTANT: Prior to signing you must write a note that there is damage to the boxes on the delivery receipt in order for any Damage Claim to be accepted. Writing "subject to inspection" is not acceptable and WILL NOT allow you to file a claim later if you find damage when the boxes are opened.


If 1 or more boxes are missing the customer MUST make a note on the Delivery receipt indicating how many boxes are missing. If the customer accept and sign that he/she received all the boxes without writing on the Delivery receipt about missing boxes, then we are unable to replace any missing items as the delivery company will not accept a claim for the missing box(s).

Please carefully inspect all equipment within 48 hours of receipt of your order. Any defective or missing equipment from an order must be reported to Rent A PC within 48 hours of receipt of order via mail. If you do not notify Rent A PC within 48 hours of delivery, you must pay the cost of the defective/ missing equipment.

All customer requests for replacement of any equipment are required to include photos in order to fulfill your requests. Photos are required to confirm the extent of damages for the manufacturer to determine if replacement parts or a full unit replacement is required.

Once all requirements are met, your Claim will be resolved by our Claim Team within 10 days from claim filing date. After 48 hours of delivery damage claims will not be accepted.

Upon Return of Equipment (at Rent A PC Address)

Rent A PC reserves the right to release the security deposit or standing instruction after careful inspection of the returned equipment.

First, a thorough inspection would be done of all the returned equipment, cross-checking all the serial code numbers with the once sent out and quality control. In case, any physical damage is found which are not covered by us, the customer would have to pay for the repair of the equipment as charged by Rent A PC.

Rent A PC holds the right to decide the cost of the repair in any situation whatsoever. The cost of the repair of the equipment is either deducted from the security deposit or would be charged in standing instruction of the next month. In case the amount of repair of equipment is different from the standing instruction amount, the customer can easily communicate the same to Rent A PC.

The damage covered by Rent A PC includes internal damages only i.e. NO PHYSICAL DAMAGE. To simplify this, we are not liable for any cracks, rough usage, burnt (smoke ashes), melted, severe scratches, damages incurred by water or liquid spillage or any sort of food or beverages, any sort of connector’s damage, be it internal or external.

We cover only internal damages which includes malfunctioning of internal components or devices as a whole. Normal ageing and nominal wear of the equipment is acceptable (subjected to approval).