55 Laptop Shortcuts To Increase Your Productivity

By: Rent a PC | April 04, 2020

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Ever been in a situation when you are in a productive zone while working on your laptop and you have to take a moment to use the mouse or drag your cursor to complete your next action? How does it feel?

The moment your momentum takes a pause is one of the worst feelings ever because you're riding the horse of maximum productivity who just ate the creative power bar and is forced to slow down only to reach that highest gear of efficiency again.

We all have been there and through these situations. It doesn't feel right at all. First of all we rarely achieve this samurai state of working in our day and then when we achieve it we are taking a break only because we are unaware of the few hacks or shortcuts we can take to avoid such pit-stops and continue to ride our momentum to task completions.

So here are few keyboard shortcuts to save our precious seconds and streamline our work process. We should practice these regularly and add them to our arsenal.

Windows logo key to the rescue

Open or hide start screen - Windows Key or CTRL + Esc

Maximize/minimize your window - Windows Key + Up/Down Arrow (Up arrow for maximize and Down arrow for minimize)

Cycle through apps on the taskbar - Windows Key + T

Switch between open apps - Windows Key or Alt + Tab

Switch to Desktop - Windows Key + D or M

Shutdown options - Windows Key + X

Take a screenshot - Windows Key + PrntScr

Snap. Split the screen evenly between two to four applications.

Snap a window to the left side of the screen - Windows Key + Left Arrow

Snap a window to the right side of the screen - Windows Key + Right Arrow

Now snapping into the quarters after dividing the screen into 2 parts -

Windows + Up Arrow or Windows Key + Down Arrow

It's important to Lock your computer whenever you walk away - Windows Key + L or to switch users.

Output your screen to a projector, connect to external monitors or broadcast to a wireless display - Windows Key + P

Open my computer or file explorer to view all your drives and folders - Windows Key + E

Move app from one monitor to another - Windows Key + Shift + (Left/Right) Arrow Key

Open ease of access centre - Windows Key + E

Open quick link menu - Windows Key + X

Open Run dialog box - Windows Key + R

Search quickly in your computer - Windows Key + F

Find other PC's in your network - Windows Key + Ctrl + F

Selection and actions

Selecting a required area requires precision. And our touch screen PC's and sometimes even the mouse fail to deliver this accuracy.

Select all of the content in a given window - Ctrl + A.

Select rows in an Excel spreadsheet, blocks of text in Word or files in File Explorer - Shift + Click the first row or the first line, hold down the Shift key and then click the last row or line.

Iterate through words and select the desired area as per your requirements - Shift + Arrow Key.

Select two or more non-adjacent items at the same time - Hold down Ctrl and Ctrl + Click all the items. If you click without Ctrl being pressed down, you'll lose all the previous selections.

Basic actions that can be taken now -

Copy the content - Ctrl + C

Cut the selected the area - Ctrl + X

Paste the cut or copied content - Ctrl + V

Open formatting options in MS Word after selection - Ctrl + D

If you want to skip the wide variety of options presented by the Format Dialog Box simply use -

To make the text bold or to remove the bold effect - Ctrl + B

To make the text italic or to remove the italic effect - Ctrl + I

To add or remove the underline on the selected area - Ctrl + U

Everyone loves a fresh piece of content. Thesaurus or online search for particular words can add these vibes to your language. To do so, highlight the word and press Shift + F7 and Word shows a comprehensive list of related terms in a panel on the right side of the screen.

If you want to reverse your recent actions use UNDO - Ctrl + Z and if you want to reverse the undo command use REDO program - Ctrl + Y. If nothing was undone then the Redo option will not do anything.

If you want to order a print, use this command - Ctrl + P

Open task manager to view the currently active tasks and manage them in case a task is not responding - Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Permanently delete files by skipping their entry to recycle bin - Shift + Del

Zoom in - Ctrl + plus sign(+) | Zoom Out - Ctrl + minus sign(-)

Shutdown windows - Alt + F4

Save your work - Ctrl + S

Rename a file - Fn Key + F2

Rename multiple files at the same time by selecting all the files at once using the shortcuts mentioned above and then press F2. Enter the new name and Vola, all your files will have the same name and a number in the end.

Browsing made easy

You don't need to rush to your mouse to take you to the previous page. Alt + Left Arrow takes you to the previous page of the current tab and Alt + Right Arrow takes you forward.

Eliminate unwanted format when you paste in a snippet of text from a web page or any other document by using Ctrl + Shift + V. This copies the content into your browsers clipboard, free of all the formatting provided by the page or document owner and from there you can select and paste the content into your desired file.

Restore the recent opened tabs in case you wildly closed the tab you were working on using CTRL + SHIFT + T. This works for all the major web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer.

Select or highlight cells or rows while editing a spreadsheet in Excel or Google Docs by using Shift + Space. Furthermore you delete the selected rows using Ctrl + minus sign(-). In case you wish to select all the rows below or above the current row, use Ctrl + Shift + Up or Down Arrow.

Hide or reveal the bookmarks bar using Ctrl + Shift + B

Open bookmarks menu in chrome in a new tab using Ctrl + Shift + O

If you want to send your email with the speed of light after you're done composing it use Alt + S Outlook or other desktop mail clients. If you want to perform the same lighting action in Gmail use Ctrl + Enter.

Initiate a quick reply to an email in Outlook using Ctrl + R

You can create your own custom keyboard shortcuts in Gmail by switching on the keyboard shortcuts settings.

Update, reload, refresh the stuck pages using F5 or Ctrl + R in any Windows web browser.

Search the web pages for a particular phrase or your desirable words using CTRL + F

If you like what you are reading on the internet it's better to bookmark that page and revisit it and gain precious seconds by not taking your cursor or mouse to the star button, using CTRL + D.