5 Ways to Keep Your Relationship With Your Laptop Strong

By: Rent a PC | April 04, 2020

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Laptops have become an integral part of our lives. They are vital for our survival. We need them to turn our vision into reality.

Even though it's a machine, we love and adore our mini desktops as if they are living beings. And why shouldn't we?

They are always with us. Whether it's the crowded journey to work or the lonely night on the terrace. Their constant and unparalleled support gets us through every meeting whether the boss loved it or not.

And though we can perform basic operations on mobiles but nothing can replace the familiarity and comfortability of working on our laptops.

But just like any relationship this relation also needs our constant and continuous love and care. So here are a few ways in which we can strengthen our relationship with our laptops.

Express your appreciation

If you appreciate something, you're going maintain its originality. And to make sure your laptop continues to deliver high speed and superior performance you should clean it thoroughly.

Get your laptop cleaned every 6 months

Detoxification of your laptop removes dust. This dust blocks the hot air to pass through and increases the temperature.

Install Operating System every 2nd year

Re-installation of the operating system keeps the processing clean and fresh. A new start establishes the effective organization of files and folders.

Cleaning the Laptop Screen

The screen is a delicate and sensitive part responsible for the display. Dry fiber cloth is the best way to clean it with gentle and in circular motions. Never spray any cleaning solution directly onto the screen.

Clean up the Keyboard

Turn off your laptop before next step. Keep the screen lip open and turn it upside down. Gently tap on the back for minute particles to fall. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust.

Exhaust fan

This fan is responsible to maintain the temperature inside. If it gets clogged up with dust, overheating can occur. Use an old toothbrush to clean the area around it.

Help them gain confidence

There are many ways to show your love and care, but the true relationship is the one where you elevate or push each other to get better.

Clean your hard drive

It's recommended to uninstall unnecessary programs and software from your laptop regularly. Don't forget to run disk cleanups to eliminate duplicate files.

Defragment your hard drive

Defragmentation is a process to organize fragmented data and make it easier to read by the processor. It increases efficiency and results in fewer software crashes.

Update the software

If any installed software requires an update our laptops communicate the message to us swiftly. Doing so protects our laptops from security threats, fixes bugs and keeps us updated with the latest features.

Allow them to have me time by giving them the space they deserve

Your laptop's battery deserves a break more than you

Lithium polymer batteries are made up of cells which are charged to a certain voltage level. If the laptop is plugged in, it's going to create more voltage and put your battery under more stress. Avoid over-charging to prevent heating up. Keeping the fan clean allows air to pass through with any obstruction.

Sleep mode is good, hibernate is better and shut-down is best

Why do we sleep at night? To reset our mind and body to function for the next day. Similarly, our laptop's operating system should be shut-down now and then for them to reboot and make them last longer with rejuvenated programs.

The Place and the position matters

It's your responsibility to not obstruct the passage of air. Avoid keeping your laptop on the laps or directly on the bed. This block the air and also suck particles from the surface. For optimum performances try to keep the laptops in a consistently cool and dry atmosphere whatever be the weather conditions outside.

Get a perfect case or bag.

The biggest reason why laptops are better than computers is that they are portable. And just because they are portable doesn't mean we should carry them carelessly while we commute. They too deserve a stylish bag with padded sections for shock absorptions and have space big enough to hold and comfort them so that they are protected from any kind of damage. It would be great if the case is water-resistant.

Love means security and security mean safe

Install anti-virus software

Viruses, malware or any hacker can attack your laptop at any given time. Whether it's through software, an external drive, or the internet. You always need to have an updated anti-virus the software in your laptop to protect your files and private information.

Keep liquids and food away

Liquids and foods are good for your survival but they are dangerous for your laptop. They survive on electricity and good care. You might need coffee while working on your laptop, but if you are not careful you are going to spill it over and short circuits can cause any kind of loss. Same goes for the food crumbs.

Keep your laptop away from your pets

Animal's fur and hair can easily get into the keyboard and other parts and be accountable for the heating up of the system if they get clogged into the fan. Moreover, the unpredictable movement of the animals can knock laptops off their support.

Work with a clean mind and room.

Avoid touching the laptop if your hands are dirty, wet or while having food. Also, avoid working in places which are not clean and dust-free.

Handle with care

Protect your display monitor at all costs. Make sure you or anyone else doesn't use pointed objects on it and whenever you shut it down there's no object lying on the keyboard which might damage the screen.

Avoid lifting your laptop by the screen. Doing so can easily damage the hinges and the pressure can ruin the display. So whenever you lift, hold your laptop by the base.

Respect the power cord. Don't let your chair or feet run over it regularly. Carelessly pushing or pulling the power cord can damage the socket as well. Same is the case when inserting any external drive. Extra care with sockets increases their life span.

Create backups on a regular basis. You never know when your laptop crashes due to any reason even if you're protecting it regularly. So it's always important to back up your data to an external drive or any cloud service.

Don’t Let Anybody Else Use Your Computer

It may seem rude and might also ruin your friendship with others but if possible, at all costs, avoid sharing your laptop with anyone. They may be your best friends for ages but they may not handle this beautiful part of your life with the same care and concern.

Laptops are expensive and high-performance machines. They take a lot of gentle abuse if you are not careful. They are not easy to replace though they are rental companies which provide laptops on rent. But even then these beautiful machines which should be handled with utmost care. If you are unable to follow any of the tips mentioned above feel free to head over to your local store for a complete maintenance check.