6 reasons why renting computers will change your life

By: Rent a PC | April 04, 2020

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Life is unpredictable. Let's imagine.

You are all set for your investor's meeting. You have worked day and night to prepare a presentation with all the facts and figures. Since you're a smart professional you have studied your audience and in case of an apocalypse, you have also taken a back-up. But for some unknown reason, your laptop doesn't seem to switch on. Life just pressed Alt+F4 on your plans.

One more. With the new funding you are determined to upscale your team and grow your business to reach potential customers. You're confused as to buy new laptops or move to a bigger place to accommodate the new team. As with more power, comes more responsibility you are struggling to smartly invest the limited capital you have been granted.

There are numerous scenarios we face in our day to day lives where we are forced to decide as quickly as possible to buy a new laptop or whether to wait and get the old one repaired. This takes a huge toll on our work and bank accounts.

"A wise man does not try to hurry history. Many wars have been avoided by patience and many have been precipitated by reckless haste." - Adlai Stevenson

Only if we are smart enough to patiently look for another option we might stumble upon a few that might save us extra pennies and prove beneficial in the long run. One such option is rent instead of purchase.

Yes, you read that right. You can rent computers as well. I think I have got your attention and your eyes rolling. Gone are the days when you had the dire need of a laptop and the only way was to spend money to get a new one.

Here are 6 reasons that are going to shed some light on why renting a laptop might be the smartest decision you will ever make.

1. Computer and laptops are depreciating assets

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad and Poor Dad said - "The big mistake poor and middle-class people make is spending their lives buying liabilities instead of assets". According to Robert, an asset puts money in your pocket and a liability takes money out.

To be honest, we consider this only if we are thinking of buying funds or house, but why don't we ever think about what Robert said before purchasing expensive laptops and desktops? Their re-sale price goes down marginally as soon as we buy them. Over the years their cost depreciates. We are never able to extract maximum ROI on these products as it depends upon the life of the machine, user interactivity and maintenance which are uncertain at any given point. Hence the maximum can never be achieved.

2. Renting makes you flexible

Renting a computer doesn't teach you yoga or make you do planks, and yet it provides you with the flexibility you deserve. The power of being flexible with your resources. The freedom of not investing now and then whenever your team expands or lessens.

Rental features such as quantity and duration period allow you to rent when there's a requirement. And if the resource ceases to exist, you can always return the product. A smooth and cost-effective process to make sure you invest your capital smartly and use resources to their maximum potential.

3. Low initial cost

When you're starting on your own, you have a fixed amount of capital to invest in the resources. Now these resources can be people or machines. Will you spend your limited capital on laptops or hire senior-level experts to help you design, develop and optimize your product or service? And generally, every member of the team requires a desktop or a laptop to update and carry out their daily processes.

Getting a laptop on rent for the first few months that are majorly focused on developing the prototype gives you a breathing space to continue your development for the next few months.

4. No overhead charges and headache

You are inviting trouble if you do not maintain and service your laptop or desktop regularly. If we take care of our machines they are bound to reciprocate our love by delivering peak performances and longevity.

Maintenance and servicing of these products if done on your own will cost you money and time. And in today's world time is equivalent of money, therefore, the loss is doubled. But if you're getting a desktop/laptop on rent, you don't have to worry about the double loss as this process is the responsibility of the rental companies. They deliver high speed and superior quality laptops on rent which require little or zero maintenance so that you continue to work your way to success without worrying about the maintenance headache and charges.

5. Renting makes you grateful

If you're working on someone else's laptop you are determined to return it safe and sound. Whereas you're indifferent to your laptop and handle it casually. Ever wonder why? because we take things for granted.

We should be grateful for what we have before life teaches us to love what we lost. When you're renting a product, you're technically paying for the days you're going to use it. That means you are respecting your time and valuing your work and the machine. Isn't it a great thing that you are saving money and learning to be grateful for what you have?

6. Freedom to explore

Whenever we think of buying a laptop we research a lot on the internet, talk to every tech-savvy person in our group, read lots and lots of reviews, watch product videos and even window shop for so many days before we decide to settle down on one.

How about you shortlist your favourite laptops and get them on rent? Here you will able to use and test them as per your requirements. You can check if they are compatible with your work ethic, your daily commute and value for money. Renting a laptop can be your test-drive before actually buying one.